Cold Storage Supply Chain Management

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From storage to transportation, moving temperature-sensitive products presents various challenges. Even the slightest changes in temperature can ruin your delicate products.

How to avoid disaster in your Cold Storage Supply Chain Management?

Here are the areas to improve the cold storage supply chain.

1. Good Carriers

Selecting good carriers plays an important role in your supply chain. It is essential to invest with carriers that meet stringent criteria, including on-time performance, equipment, reliability, and communication.

2. Cold Storage

A few degrees of temperature difference during loading and unloading is all it takes to damage delicate products. A temperature monitoring system is available that can keep track of the changes in refrigerated storage temperatures. The system provides alerts to employees whenever something seems wrong with the refrigerated storage. Learn more about the Benefits of Cold Storage

3. Transportation

The loading and unloading practices of warehouses create the biggest threat to temperature-sensitive products. A clear process to minimize the amount of time the product is kept on the dock is essential.

LogiCore has the facilities, team, and technology to optimize your order fulfillment process. Our cold storage warehouse facility is designed to accommodate multiple storage temperature settings. For more information about Us. Read More.

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