Trends for Cold Storage Facility

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Cold Storage Facility Trends That you should know

A Cold storage facility is a place where goods are kept at a certain temperature to maintain its good quality. It plays a critical part in the supply chain that ships groceries, medicines, and other temperature-sensitive products. 

An increase in online grocery purchasing trends globally is anticipated to boost the demand for cold storage warehouses. Asia Pacific holds the leading share of the global cold storage warehouse market due to the growing consumer preference for online shopping.

There are trending shifts to be considered when making safety and efficiency upgrades to their cold room facility operations.

1. Automation in Cold Storage facility

Speed is essential in cold storage warehouses, especially those fulfilling online orders. To maximize it, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), automated storage/retrieval systems (AS/RS), and other automated/robotic technologies are rapidly becoming universal in every facility.

2. Taller Warehouses Requiring Temperature Control

Conventional warehouses with 40-foot ceiling heights are not helpful for efficient refrigeration because the square footage of the roof introduces heat from solar energy, increasing the load on the refrigeration framework. Assuming that the cold storage warehouse is a deep-freeze facility it will also have a heated floor, which further contributes to the heat load.

3. Energy Efficiency Initiatives Throughout the Cold Supply Chain

Energy proficiency and cold chain integrity are also key considerations for today’s cold storage warehouses.

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