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LogiCore, Inc. is a leading logistics provider with more than 20 years of combined professional experience in the fields of Contract Logistics and 4PL Services, Fleet Management, Transportation, Distribution, Supply Chain Management, Reverse Logistics, Warehouse Management, Cross-docking, Cold Storage, Toll Packing, and Multi Packing/Bundling, among others.

Committed to customer satisfaction, we customize services to meet your business’ unique logistics requirements. Local and international award-giving bodies acknowledge our dedication to quality service, ensuring quantified results and ultimate customer contentment.

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Drawing upon our profound proficiency as logistics providers of comprehensive solutions, we have strategically penetrated diverse customer niches. Our unwavering commitment to excellence enables us to cater to unique industry demands, fostering long-term partnerships and consistently surpassing client expectations across various sectors.







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Unlock Tailored Solutions for Dry Storage, Cold Storage, and Workforce Needs.

Optimize your operations with personalized dry storage, cold storage, and/or workforce solutions.

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Why is Logicore Inc. the Best Logistics Provider for Your Business?

Logicore stands out as the optimal logistics provider for your business! Offering customized logistics solutions, including value-added services, Logicore addresses your unique logistics requirements. As an accredited logistics company, we excel in supply chain management, ensuring efficient handling of goods in dry and cold storage services. Benefit from tailored solutions, success-driven collaboration, efficient supply chain management, and robust expert support with Logicore Inc.

Providing Exceptional Logistics Services Across the Philippines

We at LogiCore Inc. strive to be consistent with our aim of providing our clients from across the island of the Philippines with logistics services of the highest standards.


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