The Benefits of Cold Storage

The Benefits of Cold Storage - Logicore Inc.

The benefits of cold storage facilities cannot be overlooked today. Businesses understand the advantages of cold storage warehouses following the rising consumer demand for perishable goods. From “just in time” inventory (JIT), manufacturers have shifted to the “just in case” inventory (JIC) approach. The difference between the two is the emphasis on stock production. Whereas the former underscores receiving goods only when it is needed so as to optimize a lean manufacturing method in the supply chain, the latter entails an increase in safety stocks to avoid delays in their distribution.

In this case, dry goods pose no problems. Perishable goods, however, are altogether a different story. From dairy, meat, and other food products—these raise a point of public concern: the demand for cold storage facilities in the Philippines that ensure such commodities remain in a fresh state.

Between businesses and consumers, cold storage warehouses have become quite a necessity following the sharp rise in the production of goods that require temperature control and consistent refrigeration. Read on to know more about the benefits of cold storage facilities.

4 Benefits of Cold Storage in the Supply Chain

The Benefits of Cold Storage - Logicore Inc.

1. Lowers Deterioration Rate of Perishable Foods

Cold storages, as the name implies, store goods under low temperatures and slow down the rate of food spoiling to a great extent. Perishable items are some of, if not, the most, in-demand items all over the world. Valuable food items such as meat, fruits and vegetables are a necessity in everyday life and keeping these products locked away from any spoilage or unwanted microbial growth is a huge task.

Storing food items at artificially engineered temperatures help preserve these goods in their best states from while they are shelved to up until they are served on tables.

2. Cost-Efficiency

Businesses’ primary concern is always about having to throw away inadequately stored goods. When items go bad, both the producer and the client lose money. By employing cold storage services, you can save more of your budget by keeping your food items stored at precise temperatures while controlling the moisture levels, keeping spoilage to a minimum, until these products are consumed.

3. Precise Temperature Control

The one-temperature-fits-all notion is not applicable to all perishable items. Some require negative temperatures whereas others require higher (but not relatively warmer) temperatures. Depending on the products that necessitate temperature-controlled storing, you may need either chiller rooms  or cold rooms. LogiCore Inc. offers both cold storage services mentioned.

4. Eases Supply Chain Logistics

For businesses that need to handle temperature-sensitive products, picking a logistics company that provides cold storage warehousing can streamline the whole process.

As consumers remain conscious of their food products, it is the responsibility of companies that provide warehousing in the Philippines like LogiCore Inc. to keep such commodities safe.

Regardless of how large or small your cold storage room needs to be, here at LogiCore Inc., we can offer the perfect cold storage for every business.

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