The Benefits of Cold Storage

From “just in time” inventory, manufacturers have resorted to “just in case” approach where they increase their safety stocks to avoid delays in their distribution.

Everything You Need to Know About Lead Logistics Providers

In response to an anticipated surge in consumer demand, businesses are intensifying efforts to bolster competitiveness within their niche industries. This heightened focus on efficiency has propelled lead logistics providers into the spotlight as key architects of streamlined supply chain management. 

Promoting Health and Safety Culture for Zero Accidents on the Road

In light of Road Safety Month, LogiCore Davao participated in the event spearheaded by Holcim that welcomed over 5000 road professionals and third-party haulers on the importance of driving safely. In the last week of May, Holcim Davao hosted a significant event focused on enhancing safety compliance within the industry. This event, done in celebration […]

Streamlining Your Business with Effective Transport Logistics Services

Efficient transport services are the backbone of any fast-moving industry. Finding the proper and reliable transport logistics services provider is crucial for business owners, especially those looking to move goods. Among the diverse range of transport options in the Philippines, are you curious to see which one you need and could benefit from the most?

LogiCore Joins the Roster of Accredited Cold Storage Warehouses

They are having a discussion about what aspects of their products need to be improved.

LogiCore’s cold storage facility is duly recognized by the National Meat Inspection Services (NMIS). The NMIS is tasked with all matters concerning meat, by-products and hygiene in compliance with food and health standards as they are served from farm to table. Such an accreditation is a necessary step in making sure that the consumers’ best […]

Inauguration of Velco Asia Group and LogiCore’s first-ever Cold Storage Facility

Presentation Cutting Ribbon

Last September 21, 2022, LogiCore’s new Cold Storage Facility was recently made open to potential locators. LogiCore, the pioneering provider of customized logistics solutions, celebrated the grand opening of its Cold Storage Facility with a blessing and ribbon cutting ceremony last September 21, 2022.

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