Abiding by low temperature requirements is vital in ensuring that maximum product freshness is achieved and microbial growth is kept at a minimum. For some businesses, this becomes one of the more difficult tasks to keep at bay, but this doesn’t always have to be as hard as it seems when you have a chiller room services provider like LogiCore Inc. to address your storage problems.

We Have The Chiller Room Capacity

LogiCore Inc. can handle your chiller room scales. Our facility holds over 5,345 pallet spaces, 538 of which are allotted to our chiller room. Whatever your products are, may it be protein, dairy, fruits and vegetables, or any other kind, our refrigerated system ensures your product gets to your market as desired.

Top Products That Require Chiller Rooms

If investing in a chiller room is what’s next on your checklist, it’s important to know which items you should prioritize for maximum cost-efficiency.

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If not stored under the proper temperature, food items can perish before they are served on tables. The modifiable temperatures of chiller rooms help extend the shelf life of the goods and slow down microbial growth so that consumables like meat, fruits, and vegetables can stay fresh for as long as possible.

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Delectable treats such as ice cream are food items no one wants to buy melted. Investing in a temperature-sensitive servicing vehicle is a must to make sure that your products are delivered safely according to standards.

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Raw materials are also susceptible to even the slightest change of temperatures. Some have very particular atmospheric requirements of storage so they need to be kept at chiller temperatures rather than in cold environments.

Chiller room

Why Partner with LogiCore Inc. for Your Chiller Room Requirements

In a world where hypercommercialism drives the economy, commodities, especially consumables, are subject to high-rising demands. Hence, it is important to keep track of the advantageous implications chiller room services offer to the logistics industry.


The most significant cause of concern when availing chiller room services is the damage that can be brought about by the cold. Oftentimes, equipment shows signs of wear and tear, and machineries begin to succumb to frequent maintenance trips. Hence, it is imperative that we ensure the facilities remain safe for use. 

Below are the practices that we employ in managing our chiller rooms efficiently:

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Since the “one temperature fits all” notion does not exist, we have dedicated floors for items with cold requirements as well as chiller requirements.

Cold Services Equipment


To make sure that we perform as desired, we utilize equipment that is intended to withstand low temperatures.

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Our employees are provided with personal equipment, from head to toe, to promote an injury-free workplace in accordance with our quality policy.

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We’d love to accommodate your specific cold storage requirements. Talk to our LogiCore experts and let us know how we can help solve your storage problems.

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