A Look Into Blast Freezing

When you’re shipping out bulks of products that are liable to decay, there’s no room for even the slightest of errors. One small wrong can open up a whole web of complications. Hence, why blast freezers have come in necessity.

Commonly known as shock freezing, blast freezing is a process that’s widely utilized particularly by the food industry as a method to increase their product’s shelf life and to slow down microbial growth.

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Accessible Blast Freezing Solutions You Can Count On

Our cold storage facility operates a spacious blast freezer with a 2,000 kg capacity, capable of freezing products down to standard temperature of -30° to -40° within 24 hours. Our blast freezers have designated rooms that run simultaneously along with the rest of our chiller and cold storage rooms. On top of that, we are strategically located within the ideal city of San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City, surrounded by skyways, ports, and terminals. 

The temperatures of our refrigerated freezers are strictly monitored and recorded to ensure that your products are returned to you in perfect condition for distribution. 

Chiller room

Benefits of Our Blast Freezing Solutions

We here at LogiCore consider ourselves as an extension of your business. As much as it is important to you, we also hold in high regard the integrity of your products. Our single-unit blast freezer allows us to freeze over 2,000 kg of products. Being one of the notable cold storage solutions providers in Metro Manila, you can trust that our blast freezing cycles are customized to your requirements accordingly.

  • Our facility is strategically located at San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City. 
  • We have a load capacity of 2,000 kg.
  • Guaranteed freezing solutions without altering product quality
  • Comprehensive and scalable blast freezer solutions
  • Consistent freezer solutions and turnkey solutions
The process of blast freezing involves rapidly moving extremely cold air over a meat product while it is being frozen in order to achieve the quickest possible freezing time.

We have the capability to manage your blast freezer requirement

At LogiCore Inc., we have extensive knowledge and years of experience when it comes to storing a wide variety of  food and raw products options. From seasonal crops, to ready-to-eat items, we know the technical aspects of blast freezing your products. Our cold storage solutions are granted merit by the local and foreign award-giving bodies, and thus, follow cold storage services of the highest standards. 

Our blast freezing services are capacitated to quickly freeze your products down to  your exacting temperature requirements. Our freezer panels are designed to withstand our facility’s negative temperatures to ensure the state of our client’s temperature-sensitive products.

The process of blast freezing, which is used for storage.

Are Your Blast Freezer Needs Being Met?

If not, consider blast freezing your products with LogiCore Inc. Blast freezing is one of the many essential steps in the cold chain for many food manufacturers and distributors. Our team of professionals have the apt industry knowledge to guarantee bespoke blast freezing services that warrants an effective supply chain process.

In addition to the flash freezing solutions we have, we also offer refrigerated warehousing services. See either Cold Rooms or Chiller Rooms for more information

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