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We offer flexible and organized cold storage services consisting of various temperature controlled areas for commercial and industrial use.


LogiCore Inc.’s goal is to meet the specific challenges of the different industry sectors. With an organized specialist team, we apply our genuine expertise to your market and provide the most appropriate cold storage solutions for your logistics requirements.

The LogiCore Cold Storage Facility

LogiCore’s cold storage facility spans for 4,600 square meters, accessible and strategically located at San Francisco, Del Monte, Quezon City. 4,348 square meters of the said land is dedicated to the commercial refrigerators: cold, chiller, and blast, while the remaining land is allotted to serve as plugin points for reefer vans.  In numbers, our cold storage facility is divided into the areas as follows:

  • 10 cold rooms with a controlled temperature of -18° having 4807 pallets 
  • One (1) 705-square meter chiller room with a controlled temperature of 0° to -4°having 538 pallets
  • One (1) blast freezer with a controlled temperature of -30° to – 40° having a 2000 kg capacity 
  • 20 electrical outlets on the outside dedicated for reefer vans. 
  • 11 automated doors loading and unloading docks

Why the Cold Storage Industry

The industry has undergone major transformations from technologies, to innovations on management systems, integrations, and the like—from warehousing to value-added services, and now to food and perishable items. One factor, however, that remains to be continuously vying for attention is the unrelenting call for more establishments of temperature-controlled facilities.

The need for more cold storages in the country has been continuously underscored, and the bid to combat the high spoilage of perishable goods is a fight that all logistics companies have a hand in. Having been in the manner of the logistics industry for more than a decade now, you can trust LogiCore to provide you with the best cold storage and supply chain services when you avail our resources. We have tailored our business solutions to meet the specific challenges of the different industries we serve.

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Logicore warehouse with solar panel


We have chiller, freezer, and charger technologies to assist with maintaining your product in its freshly packaged state.

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We provide temperature-controlled repositories to assist with your short-term or long-term cold storage requirements.

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Chiller room


Boasts an accommodated temperature that ranges from 0 – 4 degrees used to preserve harvested products and ready- to-eat food items.

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Blast Freezing

We operate high-capacity blast freezers to quickly freeze your products down to -30 to -40 degrees.

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Reefer Sockets

Ensure that your vans are adequately powered and able to maintain the correct temperature of your products.

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Customers with products stored in our cold storage facility don’t have to worry about anything. We can assure you that with the strict monitoring routine done by our staff, your goods and raw materials are being maintained and regulated.

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The following governing bodies who oversee the promulgation of proper preservation of products with food safety standards recognize our capacity to host cold storage services. Issuance of such accreditations is a clear indication of our compliance with all exacting guidelines and procedures of the accreditation of our cold storage warehouse. Our astute cold chain processes exceed the safety inspections of the issuing body. 


LogiCore’s cold storage warehouse facility is designed to accommodate multiple storage temperature settings. Our facilities have insulated panels to go against outside temperature while maintaining a specific storage range inside.


Our cold storage facility’s insulation panels are durable and designed for usage within a temperature-controlled and hygienically safe environment, while prioritizing the shelf-life of our client’s temperature-sensitive products.


Our facility can hold over 4,807 and 538 pallet positions for the cold rooms and chiller room respectively, for a total of 5345 pallet spaces inside of the facility. On the outside, we have 20 reefer sockets to accommodate reefer vans.


We are among the skyways, terminals, and  airports; the ideal expanse for strategic distribution. You can find us centrally located in San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City, Metro Manila.

Logicore Cold Storage Front


Storage of food items, pharmaceuticals and other products that require consistent temperature typically account for the majority of cold storages’ electric energy consumption. That is why we have opted to make productive use of solar panels to maximize optimal energy usage and sufficiently run our facilities without fear of the rising energy costs. With the aid of our bespoke solar panel equipment, operational costs are cut down and are instead used on the further expansion of our cold storage network so that our facilities remain up-to-date with the latest equipment, making storage of perishable items even more efficient.

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Why choose LogiCore for your cold storage warehousing needs?

  • We offer a wider range of solutions to preserve freshness and ensure safety of your food and beverage products.
  • Our facility and our people are set up to provide extra attention to temperature-sensitive products.
  • Effective cold storage practices for maintaining  your products  efficiently.
  • Custom and scalable solutions to fit our partners’ evolving needs.
  • We are located along the center of Metro Manila. Search for us along San Francisco, Del Monte, Quezon City.

Whether it’s storing or transporting, LogiCore and its members guarantee end-to-end protection of your products.

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