Partner with a reliable provider of cold room solutions. LogiCore Inc. is equipped with 4,348 square meters of freezer and chiller capacity. What’s more is we’re located right where you need us the most. Our facility is made accessible and strategically located at the obliging grounds of San Jose Del Monte Ave corner Riverside Street, Quezon City.


Cold rooms have become quite a necessity in the business world following the influx of produced goods that require precise temperature control and consistent freezing or refrigeration to avoid spoilage and to slow down deterioration. Running at an engineered temperature of -18 degrees and below, cold rooms can be used to store a variety of items. Everyday items such as food or biopharmaceuticals need long-term regulation of appropriate temperatures so that they are preserved in their best possible states while they are shelved.

If you own a business that requires optimal preservation of perishable or unstable products, listed below are some other benefits of using cold rooms:

  • PROLONGING SHELF-LIFE: Storing your unstable products in cold rooms can guarantee potency of food and other sensitive items.
  • GUARANTEES USAGE SAFETY: When it comes to anything perishable—from food to medicine—it’s crucial to stay mindful of the product’s expiration. Cold rooms keep items frozen to slow down the rate of deterioration and prevent microbial growth which makes them safe to use even after being stored for long periods of time.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE: if you’re running a business in the food industry, your primary concerns are always about throwing away food and other products because of having stored them improperly. Employing cold storage services will help you not only to minimize wastage, but will help save you a lot of money because low-temperature preservations prevent material corruption, therefore, keeping your items fresher and longer.


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Our cold rooms are tailor-made to maximize artificially generated ranges of temperatures, normally from -18 degrees below with which everyday consumables such as livestock are expected to be kept in, so that perishable items remain to be in finest condition.

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The ideal product-to-product temperature is achieved by using state-of-the-art refrigeration units which are also designed with cold room panels that ensure precise insulation and consistent quality control over long periods of time. 

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LogiCore cold storages are open for customization according to the client’s exacting requirements. We offer competitive rates and follow standard operating procedures by being clear about the required trailer temperatures, pre-cooling before loading, and food-grade inspection.   

Setting the correct climate parameters for your products can be taxing especially if you’re looking to accommodate a myriad of temperature specifications. Here at LogiCore, we offer you the most flexible, efficient, and precise temperature-controlled warehousing custom designed to fit your personal preferences for either commercial or industrial use. Working closely with our customers and taking into consideration clientele provisions and requirements enables us to perform in better efficiencies as a provider of cold storage solutions.

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We’d love to accommodate your specific cold storage requirements. Talk to our LogiCore experts and let us know how we can help solve your storage problems.

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