The Essential Role of Cold Storage Facilities in the Food & Beverage Sector

The food and beverage industry needs cold storage services for multiple reasons, primarily covering concerns of food safety. In the Philippines, over 17,000 get infected by food-borne diseases every year, and more than 420,000 kick the bucket after consuming contaminated food. Disease outbreaks can also cause these kinds of numbers. However, some entirely preventable illnesses can also come from improper storage of meat and produce. So how can the F&B sector address this issue and why does the F&B sector need a cold storage facility? 

Preserving Food and Beverage Quality With Cold Storage

a. Precise Temperature Control

Cold storage facilities maintain precise temperatures and humidity conditions for various perishable items. This slows down microbial growth, which is the ultimate cause of spoilage and food-borne illnesses. Additionally, cold storages help improve food preservation practices. An important thing to note is that when it comes to storing food, there is no “one-temperature-fits-all” solution. Hence, different cold storage with different temperature ranges exist. Logicore Inc. operates three types of refrigerated storage, namely:

Freezer Rooms

Freezer rooms are a special type of cold storage that handles temperatures from 0 to -18°C. Logicore’s cold storage facility houses 10 freezer rooms having 4,807 pallet positions.

Chiller Rooms

Chiller rooms are slightly warmer than freezer rooms. This type of refrigerated storage keeps temperatures at around 4°C (40°F). At our Logicore cold storage facility, our chiller room houses up to 538 pallet positions.

Blast Freezer Rooms

Blast freezer rooms are the coldest among the three rooms. Also known as “shock freezers”, this type of cold storage holds a temperature of -35°C, running on a 4-hour cycle. Logicore’s blast freezer room has a 2,000kg capacity.

b. Maintained Product Integrity

Cold storage helps preserve the sensory qualities of your food and beverage products by minimizing enzymatic activity and delaying microbial growth, which is what makes food taste and smell bad. Keeping your products in cold storage facilities assures your consumers that you practice safe and effective food handling initiatives.

c. Minimized Food Waste

Food waste is a mortal sin for businesses within the food and beverage sector. After all, the ingredients harvested do come with significant costs. Say you’ve spent 100,000 on growing your produce and 20% of it goes to waste, you’re losing not only 20,000 incurred from waste. You also have the costs of labor that come with growing and handling your products. This highlights the importance of cold storage facilities when it comes to tackling food preservation and waste reduction. Cold storage facilities control temperatures and humidity, which significantly extends the shelf life of your perishable goods.

Addressing Food Safety with Science Through LGI’s Cold Storage Facility

With a commitment to food safety and quality, LGI’s cold storage facility plays a vital role in the cold chain logistics network, preserving the nutritional value and integrity of perishable goods from farm to table. Housing over 5,600 pallet positions and provisioned with modern equipment and qualified personnel, we can guarantee that LGI can support the demands of the food and beverage industry.

Avail of Our Cold Storage Services Today!

Cold storage services are a simple and effective way of maintaining your product integrity, and keeping your costs to a minimum. By availing cold storage services from an esteemed supply chain manager, you are doing your part in fulfilling and sustaining food security in the country. 

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