Leading Construction Company to Launch Operations in La Union With Logicore

After the meticulous inspection of the 1,800 sqm warehouse managed by Logicore in La Union, finally, it has been deemed ready for operations. This achievement signifies the recognition of the dedicated efforts and strategic solutions Logicore Inc. has made to ensure our warehouse’s readiness for operations. Among the inspections made was the scrutiny of safety protocols, the integrity of the building structure, the safety of equipment, and course, adherence to regulatory standards. 

The result of the completion of the inspection process underscores Logicore’s commitment to excellence in logistics management. With the warehouse space scheduled to go live on April 15, Logicore Inc. is now preparing to inaugurate its fully operational warehouse in La Union. 

Furthermore, Logicore also provided strategic deployment solutions that aim to contribute to the overall successful operation of our La Union-based client. Key deployments made on top of the warehouse solutions include manpower and material handling equipment

a. Manpower Deployment

Logicore puts emphasis on the importance of deploying skilled personnel to ensure smooth warehouse operations. By handpicking the qualified individuals ourselves, we relieve our clients from the burden of recruiting, training, and managing warehouse staff. Our workforce solutions in turn save their time and resources while ensuring they are armed with a dedicated staff. 

B. Material handling equipment

Logicore elevates our client’s warehouse operations by deploying state-of-the-art material handling equipment. By deploying MHEs, we aim to further enhance not only their productivity, but also to minimize errors, reduce operational costs, and ultimately contribute to a more streamlined and profitable supply chain.

Commitment to Complete Customer Satisfaction 

The successful inspection and readiness of the warehouse for operations reflect Logicore’s commitment to excellence in providing logistics solutions. Through a combination of the best practices and innovative approaches, Logicore creates a solid foundation for efficient logistics operations in Bauang La Union.

You can trust Logicore to deliver on our promises, providing customizable, reliable, and streamlined services that meet your unique needs and exceed expectations.

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