LGI’s Successful Launch of Dispatch Operation at Holcim La Union Plant

Logicore Inc. (LGI), a fourth-party logistics (4PL) provider, recently marked a momentous journey with the commencement of its dispatch operations at the Holcim La Union Plant. This collaboration signifies LGI’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions to its clients, as evidenced by its ability to meet Holcim’s unique requirements for dry storage and workforce solutions.

Holcim, a prominent player in the construction industry, faced unique challenges at its La Union plant, requiring specialized solutions that will help optimize its operations. Holcim sought solutions tailored to its requirements and in the end, formed a partnership with Logicore.

Logicore is known for providing customized solutions that align precisely with each client’s requirements. Unlike traditional logistics providers, LGI understands that generic or one-size-fits-all approaches wouldn’t suffice for those with diverse requirements. Recognizing the client’s needs, Logicore worked closely with Holcim to develop a comprehensive plan tailored to their needs.

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Customizable Solutions

Holcim’s concern entailed the need for secure and efficient dry storage services to accommodate its materials inventory. With Logicore’s nationwide footprint, it was able to provide a suitable storage solution near the La Union Plant. Through meticulous planning and coordination, Logicore ensured that Holcim’s materials were stored safely and accessed efficiently whenever needed, thus optimizing the supply chain process. 

In addition to dry storage solutions, Holcim also required workforce solutions to manage various aspects of its operations effectively.  Understanding the importance of skilled manpower, LGI deployed a dedicated team of professionals trained specifically to meet Holcim’s requirements. Prior to deployment, the team underwent the necessary training, ensuring that they will be well-prepared to face head-on the challenges that they may come across. As the first day of operations unfolded, our manpower team demonstrated seamless integration into our client’s operations, showing full commitment to excellence and teamwork.

The successful launch of dispatch operations at the Holcim La Union Plant highlights the importance of tailor-fit solutions in the logistics industry. While some 4PL companies offer standardized services, LGI stands out for its ability to understand and address each client’s unique needs. By prioritizing customization and flexibility, LGI ensures that its clients receive the most efficient and cost-effective solutions tailored to their specific requirements. As businesses continue to seek personalized logistics solutions, LGI remains at the forefront, driving innovation and excellence in the industry.

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