Promoting Health and Safety Culture for Zero Accidents on the Road

In light of Road Safety Month, LogiCore Davao participated in the event spearheaded by Holcim that welcomed over 5000 road professionals and third-party haulers on the importance of driving safely.

In the last week of May, Holcim Davao hosted a significant event focused on enhancing safety compliance within the industry. This event, done in celebration of Road Safety Month, brought together various stakeholders from different business sectors to discuss and emphasize the facets of critical control management. 

As part of our commitment to maintaining significant safety standards, our LogiCore Davao team sent representatives to participate in the said event. Exemplary people came representing the different facets of LogiCore Davao. This inclusive approach to collective road safety ensured that many contractors benefited from the knowledge and insights shared during the seminar. 

The seminar focused on critical control management, a necessary concept for preventing adverse incidents concerning road operations of different kinds. Discussion in the said event delved into various safety aspects, specifically the Safe Distance Rule. Such a rule demonstrates that drivers must be at least three seconds behind the vehicle in front of them. The three seconds give drivers ample time to recognize hazards and avoid crashes. Moreover, other discussion points were adherence to traffic rules and implementation of effective safety protocols. The seminar session was designed to disseminate essential knowledge and promote best practices in observation of Road Safety Month.

Our team’s active involvement in such seminars has earned the company a reputation for being a compliant service contractor. Anything concerning safety compliance, LogiCore Davao goes the extra mile and ensures the well-being and safety of its employees, constructors, and the wider community. 

The recognition earned by LogiCore Davao as a compliant service contractor is a testament to its unwavering commitment to safety. By consistently participating in seminars and going above and beyond in terms of safety compliance, LogiCore Davao sets a high standard for others within its operations and across the broader service contracting industry. LogiCore Davao encourages a collective effort to prioritize safety and compliance by engaging with contractors and industry professionals.

In conclusion, LogiCore Davao’s participation in the seminar focused on critical control management during Road Safety Month reflects its dedication to safety compliance. By actively engaging with industry professionals and disseminating crucial knowledge, LogiCore Davao continues to contribute to making Philippine roads safer for everyone involved in logistics and warehousing operations.

Through its efforts, LogiCore Davao sets a benchmark for compliance and safety within the industry and remains committed to going the extra mile to ensure the well-being and security of all stakeholders.

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