Inaugural blessing of Pampanga Sales Station and North Hub

Logiocre inaguaral blessing of pampanga sales station and north hub

LogiCore Inc. is continuously providing solutions to expand our reach nationwide as we launch our newest warehouse facility in the North. Today, December 3, 2021, marks another milestone for LogiCore as we celebrate the inaugural blessing of the new Pampanga Sales Station and North Hub with our newest partner client.

During the inauguration, our new partner client expressed their gratitude to LogiCore because of our commitment to fulfill their company’s vision of co-creating wellness for Filipinos by helping resolve food and health issues. “This new facility will give us more opportunity to be more efficient in attaining our mission and vision and give value to the society” they added.

This is just the beginning of the series of the newest ventures of LogiCore as we welcome 2022 still with our commitment of being a provider of solutions and partner in success every business.

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