Quality is Indispensable

Quality is Indispensable at Logicore Inc.

Quality Provider of Solutions, Quality Partner in Success

Quality is never an accident but rather a series of planned intelligent efforts. And that’s how every business runs. Achieving a degree of excellence has been the focal point of any operations.

For any business, quality assurance is being identified as something valuable. But in the world of logistics, thinking that quality is something to be valued is an understatement.

Instead, logistics companies should take quality as indispensable element of operations.

It’s necessary and non-negotiable. Mistakes in supply chain are unforgivable. After all, to put everything in order is the basic nature of the business.

To guarantee operational excellence, investment in quality products and services are the key for logistics businesses.

In the case of LogiCore, quality equates to application of robust technology and procedure, management and staffing and acquiring the best equipment.

Quality Equipment

LogiCore has recently acquired the most valuable business vehicle, forklift, from Hangcha, one of the world’s leading and largest material handling equipment manufacturers.

Hangcha has been in the industry of material handling equipment for 47 years using a foreign advanced technology. With their first-class R&D ability and testing facility, Hangcha’s forklift has gained trust internationally and now being used from Europe to North and South America.

This LogiCore’s latest investment has helped them improve their productivity and ensure safety of their personnel.

In an interview with Darryl Franciso, Operations Officer of LogiCore, he said that their Hangcha forklift brand has made them maximize unused spaces before. “The other brand that we were using was quite bulky unlike Hangcha which is very slim and light. Hangcha’s forklift size can operate to narrow aisles making us maximize spaces that weren’t used before.”

He also added that the height of the counterbalance is higher than other brands, making them achieve zero human error. “Hangcha is 4.5-meter high versus 3 meters of the other brand. It can carry three stacks with so much confidence that the safety of our personnel won’t be compromised.”

Even seasoned personnel in the industry like Jorge Cabanday, LogiCore’s Senior Forklift Operator, has proven the efficiency and quality of Hangcha forklift brands versus the other brands that he operated in his 12 years of experience. “May mga brand kasi na mabagal ang takbo. Itong si Hangcha, very smooth to operate kasi magaan siya and hindi bulky.”

He also cited that other brands can have serious maintenance problems. According to Cabanday, one major problem of other brands could be its tires. “May mga pagkakataon na nararanasan namin ‘yung flat na gulong kasi ‘yung ibang brand, de-hangin talaga ang gulong. Sa Hangcha, solid tire siya so hindi naaabala ang trabaho namin”

Now, with this latest innovation in machinery and equipment, LogiCore is continuously proving its commitment to be a quality provider of solutions and partner in success. #RoadToTheFuture

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