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Why is it important to find the right logistics company?

National distribution services are the movement of goods from the initial point of production to the final movement of sale and consumption. The core of national distribution is the link between production and the market.

LogiCore ensures that all mobility and logistics requirements of the supply chain are being met. We take care of everything from movement to management of goods from transportation and warehousing.

We at Logicore focus on our commitment of good service to retain the trust of our clients. We aim to satisfy our customers by delivering all their needs in an opportune time which agreed upon.

We take charge of planning tasks, control of all the processes concerning the flow of the goods between companies and customers.

Logicore Warehouse staff preparing the Items for Nationwide Distribution Service

We have national distribution centers from different parts of the country to cover all the logistics needs of our clients

Our group of facilities perform consolidation, warehousing, packaging and other functions. Our national distribution centers are located in several cities nationwide from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

  • Taytay Rizal
  • Albay
  • Dabao

We cater to different industries in terms of their distribution requirements:

LogiCore’s core business centers in 15 sites nationwide, capable and able to provide a smooth logistics flow of goods through our nationwide distribution services.

If you are looking for nationwide distribution services, LogiCore is the perfect provider of tailored-fit solutions to your business. We give value to every client because we believe that our nationwide distribution services are your gateway to our partnership to success.

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