Fleet Management Services

Fleet management is services that includes vehicle maintenance, fuel costs, driver management, asset utilization, route planning, and more.

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What you need to know about Fleet Management Services

In logistics, fleet management also involves couriers’ logistics, managing delivery of parts and items or even within the service industry. As the industry goes dynamic and faster, it’s unimaginable to have a poor fleet management to gain success in any logistics business. Tracking multiple deliveries and managing multiple vehicle trips can be difficult for a business.

Most especially if you are a distribution company, maintaining the quality of the goods or items that you deliver could be significant. Fleet management allows you to get real-time updates of your cargo during its entire travel from one point to another.

Fleet Management - Logicore Inc.

With the help of fleet management experts like LogiCore, any glitches or issues that will disrupt your operations can be avoided. LogiCore’s has proven track record of doing a quality business in procurement, supervision and maintenance of vehicles. For how many years now, clients have been trusting us with their fleet. We keep all actions in place to keep your fleet running efficiently, always on time and within budget.

Engaging in a fleet management provider like LogiCore helps your company reduce operational cost, while increasing your efficiency. We want you to focus on your core business and allow, third-party vendor like us to take on the challenge.

Benefits of Fleet Management

Through our expertise, clients are ensured of high return of investment as we provide good value of partnership in maintaining their fleet and even acquiring new vehicles.

With the complex challenges of managing a fleet, LogiCore has the right resources and people to ensure that your hundreds or thousands of vehicles are being dealt with properly.

What kind of Fleet Management Services can we cater?

#1. Driver Training and compliance

We make sure that all your personnel are in compliance with all the government-related standards from driver’s license, permits and even compliance to local and regional standards.

#2. Fuel Management

We are responsible in making sure that all budget for all fuel types including gasoline, gas and even electric energy are aligned with the goal of every fleet operation. We also manage all vehicles toll fees for outside city trips.

#3. Fleet Maintenance

From repairs to policies, we make sure that all vehicles are in safe, good and reliable conditions.

Fleet Management - Logicore Inc.

Here are the other types of fleet management services we offer for your business

  • Vehicle Leasing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Safety Programs
  • Garage Management

If you are looking for a partner in managing your fleet, LogiCore can provide you with unique solutions specifically designed for your operation needs.

Do you want to know more? Inquire now to know more! Learn other logistics services we have and let us be your partner in success.

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